You Can Be a Sponsor!

The heart and soul of our organization are our incredible horses. Providing them with the high quality care that they need and deserve, while worth every penny, is expensive. Making a contribution towards the cost of their care is the most meaningful way that you can impact the lives of their riders, and ensure that we are able to keep providing this opportunity to the most deserving kids. We have a variety of ways that you can support our horses and any donation can be directed towards a particular horse. Please contact us with any inquiries.

Annual Horse Sponsorship


This donation covers all of the annual costs for one horse, including but not limited to: hay, feed, bedding, dentistry, vaccinations, daily care, blacksmith fees, tack & blanket repair and maintenance, supplements and ongoing veterinary treatment. As a part of this sponsorship, you will be invited to visit our program and given the opportunity to hand out  awards during our show off class each session. You will be invited to come and meet and ride your horse, and kept up to date on their lives throughout your sponsorship. (That means lots of cute pictures!)

Horses Seeking Sponsorship

Other Annual Sponsorships

Farrier fees









Dentistry fees




Blanket Repair