Chestnut Quarter Horse Gelding
Stands 15.3 hands
Born in 1994

Donated by Bob Rose and currently in need of a sponsor

An ex-barrel racer, Kody has got personality to spare! He has lots to say and he is not shy about expressing himself, so he teaches his riders to read his body language and speak horse. Kody might act tough but he's a softy at heart, and although it might take a little bit more for his riders to figure him out, once they do they have a true partner


Kody is often called our "magnifying mirror" because he doesn't just mirror his rider's emotions - he magnifies them times 10. Kody works incredibly well with riders who are as sensitive as he is, and is the master of reflecting his riders emotions back at them. With his western background, Kody teaches his riders to let go and stay relaxed and really grounds his riders in the present moment.