Lets Make Camp 2019 A Reality

Everyone deserves to have an unforgettable summer - help us, help kids, make some horse camp memories


A large number of our riders living in residential care have not been able to attend summer camp this year due to extreme road damage. With camp inaccessible, they have been left with an enormous amount of time to fill, as typically their entire summer would be spent at camp. This has been a devastating loss for the youth, and it has also placed an enormous strain on their care givers who are doing everything they can to fill the summer with meaningful activities – but are working on short notice and with limited resources.


Here at Youthdale Riding Program we’ve teamed up with Essential Training and together we are trying to do our small part to contribute towards these youth’s summer, and are racing to putting together a Horse Day Camp program – and we need your help!


Any contribution you can make will go a long way in helping us provide this service to youth who could not be more deserving. No donation is too small!


We are hustling double time to put together some amazing day camp programming, working in partnership with Essential Training. We are really looking to our community to support us in being able to provide the high quality of programming and activities that these youth deserve. 


Your contribution means the world to us, and it will have a direct impact on changing the summer for a lot of vulnerable youth. 


Please click the link below to visit our Go Fund Me page and make a donation.