Gray Swiss Warmblood Gelding
Stands 16 hands
Born in 1994

Donated by Larkin Ridpath and sponsored by Robin Ogilvie

Affectionately known as Saint Carusso, this guy just might be the sweetest horse in the world. Carusso is very affectionate and likes to give people hugs by wrapping his whole neck around them.

Gentle and kind, Carusso is the master of making his rider feel safe. He is the perfect mount for riders who are timid or unsure about horses as he is very reassuring and keeps things at a very slow pace- sometimes maybe even too slow. He does hold the title of being the slowest horse in the program, but he teaches persistence and perseverance!

Although he's known as slow these days, Carusso did extensive Dressage showing with his previous owner and is very in tune with his riders. He even still has some fancy dressage moves up his sleeve that he will bring out once his rider feels confident.